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Review Of George Strait's Twang Album Cd

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By smartcowboy on
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I bought this CD the day it came out, I had pre-ordered it on Bestbuy.com for about $10.00 including tax. I popped it in the cd player in my car and listened to it, and I really liked it. The first track, the title track "Twang" is a fast=paced song that is very typical of George Strait's fast songs. This track is a good song to come home to after a long day at work or school and you just want to have a good time. The second track "Where Have I been All My Life" is one a little more serious and of deeper meaning. As Strait usually does he sings of things that do not always cross our minds when doing things, but this song sort of describes the things we miss sometimes. The third track "I gotta Get to You" is a song that reminds me of his "river of Love". The fourthe track "Easy as You Go" is a song that gets me thinking about what I have I done and what I will do, it is a good song fro those in a hurry to live their life and grow up to quickly. The fifthe and perhaps my favorite track is "Living for the Night" and this song just makes me think by the way it is written and sung that it was meant for his late brother, it just ahs that sort of deep and sincere sound and feel to it. "Same Kind of Crazy" is also a song that is a little on the louder side but still some good country. "Out of Sight Out of Mind" and "Beautiful Day for Goodbye" are both slow and soft songs such as "It was Me" from his Troubadour album or "A Better Rain" from his Give It Away album. "Arkansas Dave" sounds like something Merle would sing I think and has thought sort of Haggard feel to it. "The Breath You Take" is a song with just as strong a message as "Living for the NIght" and just as strong method of delivery with a slow yet powerful way Strait sings. "Hot Grease and Zydeco" is another of those Strait sings that is one you just want to sing along to. The album art is good with a few pictures of George and nice background colors. Overall this album is perhaps one of his best and deserves a high rating.