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Review Of I Pod Shuffle Third Generation

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The newest iPod shuffle is without doubt the most attractive and smallest iPod to come out so far. However looks are certainly not everything. While, it is almost microscopic and very attractive, the size of it results in the lost of lots of functionality. The most major problem with this iPod is the ear buds. The newest iPod shuffle requires the use of the ear buds that are supplied. They control all of the functions of the iPod from the play button to the volume control. With this iPod, you cannot buy a new pair of substitute headphones unless they have volume control on them. The new ear buds that work with this iPod are an additional 20 USD as well, so if yours break, you are going to be shelling out another 20 dollars.

Another problem with this iPod is the location of the controls. They are not very well placed and make the iPod difficult to use. It is very difficult to grab the controller without looking at it and it took me about 10 tries to actually get control of the controller. Another problem that occurs with the controller is that when you are running, it is easy to accidentally pull out the ear buds.

In addition, this iPod is not compatible with speakers because without any buttons on the iPod itself you cannot change songs or increase the volume.

All in all, I would not recommend buying this iPod. It is not well made and was certainly made for appearance rather than function. While some may say that it looks too attractive to pass up, the lack of function with Apple's newest innovation is too big of a flaw.