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Review Of: I Pod Touch 4

Reviewing: Apple I Pod Touch 4th Generation 8 Gb  |  Rating:
By Evan Chang on
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Well, I did not purchase it, but won it! IT is a long story of how I won it, but anyway, my review!

The iPod Touch 4 is very cool, it had lots of features that really blew me away! I didn't know you could download apps without the use of a computer, or surf the web/YouTube! This is definitely a cool gadget out there, by the well known Apple company.

There is only one thing that I hate about it - and that is the bulk. I already have an iPod nano 5 which I take running, as the iPod Touch 4 is a bit too bulky and heavy for that, so I'd like it a little slimmer. It is very addictive, the iPod Touch, with lots of cool apps, and I really enjoy the games and other things. The other thing that I can criticize is that sometimes when I am in an app it just randomly exits for no reason, it just freezes for 3 seconds, and then I am out of the app and in the app menu instead.

The WiFi ability is cool too, I can connect in airports, internet cafes etc, that is really helpful.

The passcode lock is handy too... I can keep my family out of it no worries! Just hate it when they do too many fails and it gets disabled... I am glad I haven't forgotten it, my passcode is actually an 8 letter word rather than a 4 digit number.

The battery life is good, for playing music, but for playing games it drains in

I think the earbuds they come with are a bit uncomforable, so I use my own instead. They are alright I guess, but they do get sore after a while of being in my ear, after 15-30 consecutive minutes it gets sore.

Now, the volume should definitely be able to go a bit higher, more room for improvement for the next generation, there are some apps that claim they can make the volume go higher but I haven't tried them.

The camera function is so cool, I have a couple of apps that you can edit the photos, and draw funny faces on them which my 9 year old sister loves! Very good quality, from both cameras. The second camera, the one on the front, is great, I use it to Skype relitaves and friends overseas and the quality is pretty good! The video streaming for that is excellent too.

Overall, I think that iPod Touch 4s are great! But there is definitely room for improvement, can't wait to see the iPod touch 5!

PS: It is crucial to get a case - I dropped mine from not too far up, and it got a big crack and had to be reapired. since I got the case (which is soft cover) I have accidentally dropped it from higher heights and it has been fine.