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Review Of Mistletoe Candle

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By janna on
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Like most people I love Christmas time. Even at this very moment a smile is spread across my face thinking of making cookie with my family and watching my children open their gifts. My husband often laughs at me because I catch the Christmas spirit as early as August!

With Yankee Candles' festive fragrances line it is easy to have your home smell like Christmas all year round. Like all Yankee candles the mistletoe fragrance is very strong and the burn time is considerable. In fact I find that I only need to burn the candle for about 10 minutes before the room that the candle is burning (not to mention the surrounding rooms) are filled with the wonderful fragrance of the candle.

The best thing about the mistletoe candle is that it smells exactly like a fresh cut pine Christmas tree. I find the smell to be sweet and very woodsy. While my family loves the smell of this candle my husband finds the after smell to be a little odd. I have not noticed this but my husband likened the smell to bad morning breath! All the same I still buy this candle several times through out the year because I like it so much! You can buy this candle in 3.7, 14.5, and 22 oz jars. There are also several accessories that can be purchased as well.