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Review Of Nintendo Ds Lite Nintendo Ds

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By lordkevin on
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As a person who never ever bought revisions of consoles(I never bought the Gameboy advance SP), I was abit skeptical about purchasing it, but it was just so incrediblely sleek!I couldn't resist it, I got it on release day :).

My first impressions of it was WOAH ITS SO SHINY AND SMOOTH!I am not kidding it is very shiny when compared to my Nintendo DS.After the whole touching it/feeling it all over I noticed a few not very noticible fingerprints, they weren't annoying and could be easily wiped off.

After charging it, I turned it on, I noticed alittle icon in the lower lefthand corner, I touched it, and was startled by the brightness, I did it again, it got brighter, once more, and my eyes were burning it was so bright!I turned the brightness to level 3, and I loaded Mario Kart DS(amazing game btw), and was stunned, it was very colourful, I noticed colours that I never noticed on my original.After playing on Lite, I couldn't go back and play on my original, the colours were way too dull.

In conclusion, the Nintendo DS lite is worth your money even if you have the original or a newcomer.