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Review Of The Black Berry Pearl

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sawyer By sawyer on
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When i first received the Blackberry Pearl, I could not have been happier. It had all the features I wanted and was great to use. Although I feel the same way now, there are a few complaints I have. One of the first complaints was whenever I sent out an email, it would be sent back to me in this annoying message that said it was sent. Along with that i also had to deal with the annoying message after an email saying. "Sent by Blackberry by AT&T." Which got annoying after a while. My other problem, was that when scrolling through my photos, the Blackberry would lag out and continue to show the loading sign. This would force me to turn off the Blackberry, then turn it back on. This could have been due to my excessive amounts of photos. These were just about the only problems i had with it.

Enough with all the negatives. I think overall with those problems this phone is still excellent. The keyboard is hard to use at first but is easy to get used to if you are a quick typist on the computer. Being able to use the Internet is very useful. If i needed to check a external email i could do that easily through the web. A great feature is the Pearl or scroll wheel located in the middle of the phone. This is very comfortable and easy to use. It is also very fun to change the color of the wheel, with the ability to change it to any HTML Color Code. There are also many applications to add to this such as Google's Maps application which can serve as a GPS.

If i were to overall rate this phone i would give it a 8 out of 10. It is a excellent phone that has some minor flaws to it.