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Review Of The Playstation 2 Fat Model

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By lordkevin on
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The Playstation 2, Sony's second video game console, it has 128 bit graphics, thats about 3 times the bits the original had!One of the main features the PS2 has is the ability to play DVD movies!Imagine that, you can play your games and watch movies, in one machine!

As mentioned before, the PS2 can play DVD, while DVD players are cheap nowadays, back when the PS2 was released back in 2000, DVD players were like the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players of today.It is very convient, even if you have a DVD player already, with the PS2, you will save space and it will remove more clutter!

The game selection for the PS2 is HUGE!With companies like Square Enix, EA, Namco, Atlus, Capcom, and even more developers backing it up, it would be hard to not get a game you want!It even plays PS1 games, adding to its already huge selection of games.

The controller while not horrible, will give you some hand cramps after long hours of playing, but not to worry, there are plenty of 3rd party controllers to fit your needs.

The PS2 is still worth to pickup even though its successor the PS3 has been released already, its high prices, low amount of good games, and seeing as how it doesn't support PS2 games anymore, makes it quite a bad choice for newcomers to gaming.