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Reviewing: Codemaster Overlord Dark Legend  |  Rating:
By Hendrikus Satrianto on
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The overlord dark legend is the prequel to the overlord series, and this time this game is for wii.

Unlike the other series now your minion is just 5-20.^_^

But it's still fun.

If you don't play any overlord series maybe you want visit overlord wikia first.

Here you still can do melee attack, magic, and choke(explode your own minion).

The melee weapon is divided into 3 kind:




Every kind has 3 different weapon, and the last weapon at each kind has elemental attack that kinda useful.

Magic here is pretty useful.

You have attacking magic (exaple: chain lightning), support magic(example: guard), and time magic (example: slow)

The time magic is the one that really good. With it you can even kill the boss without your minion, but it kinda not challenging.

Just use this if you kinda lazy to fight the boss.

Support magic is lame. Usually I don't use it at all.

Attacking magic, is pretty good. You can attack your opponent with this at safe distance while your minion will attack your enemy on short range.

The suck thing is the game is kinda short.

You will finish it under a week.

But this is still fun thought, with it's extra sub-quest.

For this game I will rate it 8 of 10....