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Review On Nokia N 95

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vikas_121 By vikas_121 on
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he Nokia N95 was Nokia’s flagship model which was released in Q2 of 2007. I bought it in December 2007 and have been using it for almost seven months as of now. The phone is a slide phone, available in 2 colours, dark purple and light gold. It’s capable of sliding both ways, up and down. Sliding it up reveals a traditional number keypad, and sliding it down reveals 4 music-related buttons. The slider gave me some problems within the first few months of using it, becoming very loose. A quick check on the internet revealed that many users were having the same problem. However Nokia was covering the loose slider problem in their warranty. A trip to my local Nokia repair center resolved this fairly easily.

The phone has a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, GPS and the ability to plug in regular 9mm jack headphones. The camera is Good, and gives best shots and clearity compares to its competition. The Wifi functionality has given me no problems. GPS works well, Also, the GPS is only able to achieve a position fix if you are out in the open far from tall obstacles such as buildings. Good luck using it in the city! The included software bundle was mostly shareware, not so good for someone such as myself. Some programs like the included AsiaMaps unstable.

Music playback is excellent, giving a good range of sound and excellent bass. It even has an equalizer. I’m no audiophile but I like the quality.

As always, I find Nokia’s text messaging software to be the most user friendly, and the N95 proves to be no different. Predictive text input is smooth and fast, and the dictionary never seems to run out of memory no matter how many new words I put in it.

Battery life for the phone is very good, To increase battery life I suggest putting it on GSM mode. I’ve found the battery life is at least doubled when you do this.

Overall this is a good phone, with an excellent camera and excellent features. I do feel, however, that Nokia should have put more work into their engineering. For a phone crammed so full of features, some instability is expected.

Finaly it is very good phone compareing its price to its competition and it scores over all of them in features in this cost.Nokia has established itself as a big Mobile name and its worth of it.