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Review Game Maker 7.0

Reviewing: Yo Yo Games Game Maker 7.0  |  Rating:
By ikira on
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When I first bought the Game Maker i was slightly confused about how to use it, but as I kept reading the tutorials i learned to create better games.

The Images that I uploaded for this review are examples of games that you can create if you have your mind set on it, the games are not mine but are very fun.

I would give Game Maker 7.0 a 5 Star rating because of its extreme capacity. You can create both 2D and 3D games using Game Maker 7.0, You can also test game maker by downloading the lite version... but the bad thing about the lite version is that you cannot create 3D games using the Lite version of Game Maker 7.0.

Another good thing about Game Maker 7.0 is that you can create your own splash screen to go along with you game which adds even more creativity to your game.

Games that you can create range from Action Games to First Person Shooters (FPS) .

Bad things about Game Maker 7.0 is that to make games have a greater meaning and better game play you need to be able to script to add more to the game.