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Revolutionary Baby Powder

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We all know that babies are very sensitive, even if they don't allergies. When I was a baby, my mother would put baby powder on me after bathing, but it turned out I have allergic rhinitis and a host of other allergies. I didn't want to make the same mistake for my baby.

Thankfully, we found out that there is a new product that is categorized as Liquid Powder. The Baby Spa range of products by Splash Corporation are rather new in the market, but they have already come up with innovative products. This liquid powder is like a lotion, except that when applied thoroughly and massage on baby's skin until it dries up, it leaves a powdery surface on the baby's skin. During the application however, since it is liquid based, there are no minute powder particles that go up the air and irritate baby's nostrils (and mind, too.) Meaning, it is gentle and dust-free. It is also has virgin coconut oil (VCO) as its base ingredient and so it is good for the baby's skin and also has antibacterial properties. Naturally, this is dermatologist tested as hypoallergenic.

I particularly like the scent "Bundle of Joy" on my baby. A 100 gram tube, lasted a couple of months on my baby, after all, there is not much surface area to apply for a baby. But this is not only recommended for babies, but for toddlers and school age children as well, who would feel refreshed with powder but are allergic to the dust particles created by powder.

I also use this on the diaper area to help prevent irritation.

One word of caution though. The first times I have used this product, I was dissatisfied because there were white clumps left on my baby's skin after the product has dried. But then, I found out, I did not apply it as instructed. The liquid powder should be spread evenly until almost dry and not left like with clumpy spots because when it dries, the clumps remain.

But overall, this is a very good product that I will continue to use on my baby. NO NEED FOR A BABY COLOGNE anymore because my baby smells fresh and clean already.