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Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil Always A Favorite

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I have used Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil for years, as my mother did when she was alive. I buy it at Walmart, and 75 feet sells for around $4.00. Reynolds Wrap is made by the Alcoa Company and has so many uses. I use it mostly for cooking, baking, and covering food items in the refrigerator. It comes in handy for other things, too, not just food-related. Once when I ran out of little baggies that I needed to hold something, (not food), I used Reynolds Wrap instead. The wrap kept everything together very well and was actually a good replacement for baggies.

I also use Reynolds Wrap in other ways not involving kitchen use at all. For example, I have fish tanks in my home, the tops of the tanks have openings where frisky fish can jump out. In fact, I already had this happen to me and felt very bad about losing a fish. To ensure that it would not happen again, I decided to use Reynolds Wrap to cover the openings so that there is a barrier preventing the escape of any of my pets. The foil molds so easily and can be changed when it gets wet, and once you put it somewhere, it stays in place. I think aluminum foil is the best thing since sliced bread, and I think Reynolds Wrap is the best of aluminum foil.

I have also used the heavy duty wrap for baking and cooking jobs that require extra strength. It has never let me down. It can be used for lining pans so that there will not be a need for scrubbing, and aluminum foil is also handy when grilling. To keep meat more tender during cooking time, a tent can be made of aluminum foil, which will also prevent meats from becoming overcooked.

Reynolds Wrap will also help to prevent freezer burn from occurring to foods. If I have several items in the freezer that are covered with foil, I usually put a label on them so that I am able to ascertain what is in each packet without having to unwrap it.

Even though aluminum foil is mostly used in the kitchen or at the grill in the backyard, there are other ways that it can be used. I have found it to be a very handy item and always have at least one or two rolls of it in my kitchen drawer. Remember, though, that it cannot be used in the microwave. If food that is wrapped in aluminum foil needs to be warmed up in the microwave, it should be removed from the foil first and placed on a microwave-safe dish.