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Rice Cooker Plus

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Are you kitchen impaired? Scared of skillets, frightened by fricassee? Does the thought of getting a balanced meal on the table give you the shivers? When you go to one of those gourmet kitchen parties, do you look at the gadgets and wonder if they are really for the kitchen or instruments of torture. If so, I have a product for you. The Pampered Chef Rice Cooker Plus.

For the life of me, I have never been able to make a decent pot of rice. It is either a big gooey clump or hard and undercooked. That is, until I attended a Pampered Chef party given by a co-worker. I had resolved to buy a pizza cutter (I know how to use that) but came out with an order placed for The Rice Cooker Plus. Who knew that cooking anything could be so easy. Perfect rice in your microwave! What could be easier than that.

You just measure out the rice, dump it in, measure out the water, dump it in, put the double-lid on, set your microwave for twenty minutes and forget it. While your rice cooks away, you can fix one of those frozen stir fry packages in the wok and your family will think you have become a kitchen goddess. Perfect rice everytime. Not sticky, clumpy, watery or hard—perfect.

It will not boil over and dirty up your microwave, is dishwasher safe, will not stain, has a 3 quart capacity, and carries a two year extended warranty. What could be better? The only thing is—when it comes out of the microwave it is HOT! Use your hot pads and open it away from you so you don’t get a steam burn.

So next time you are invited to a Pampered Chef party and don’t know what to buy, think about giving the Rice Cooker Plus a try. I’m glad I did.