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Ride Dirty In Motorstorm For The Ps3!

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By pato on
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Motorstorm is a rally racing game that comes packed with the 80 gig model of the PS3. As far as the price is concerned, it's a good deal since it is free. As far as launch games are concerned, well this pales in comparison to Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. So make of that what you will.

The gameplay in Motorstorm is nothing if silky smooth. The game runs quickly and at a frenetic pace. You'll kick up dirt and push others off narrow embankments and cliffs. However, the game quickly becomes repetetive as you'll find that it is rather stingy in its options. You'll have a large variety of vehicle types like a dirtbike, rally car, dune buggy, and gigantic trucks to name a few, but no option to race in a free for all mode. You also can't customize the races, so if you want to ride a truck versus a track full of dirtibikes, you will be sorely disappointed. It would have been fun to run over all the opponents but sadly that was not included.

The production values are evident and the music is all licensed and seems to fit the game will. However, I would have killed for an option to use my own music in game. After a while, you get tired of listening to the same tracks over and over. And that seems to be the game in a nutshell. It is decent but the more you play the more you realize that it could have been much more. More customization and more options.

As a free game one won't really complain but as a game in general this falls short of greatness. With very few options, LOOOOONG load times (seriously why does it take 5 seconds to switch my car color?) and no customization you won't find much to come back to.