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Ridin' In The Hot Van....

Reviewing: Honda 07 Odyssey  |  Rating:
diaperdivamama By diaperdivamama on
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When my 1999 Toyota Seinna was ready to meet it's maker, I was sad. Crushed really, as I loved this van. It brought my babies home from the hospital, it lugged cases of hardwood flooring to and from Home Depot, and took my entire family plus in-laws to Disney World, all without so much as a peep of discontent.

But to everything there is a season, and it was the season for a new van. My husband surprised me with a 2007 Odyssey and I have been very pleased. It is extremely comfortable, and fits our family of 5 well, which is impressive as we range from 2 years old to almost 40 and over six feet tall. We're confident in all of the safety features and are pleased with the purchase.

My displeasures may be more picky things, but if you spend 30 grand for a van, you might at least want the information. Do with it what you wish. The layout of the buttons used for heating, air conditioning, etc are a little akward. Even with daily driving, I have to glance at them to see what I want to push, which isn't safe. They are farther away from the steering wheel than I like, so it's a bit of a stretch. The power sliding doors are very nice, but sometimes take more than one push of the key fob to open. Not a big deal unless you're in one of our famous Southern US thunderstorms. I do love the feature that the doors will stop if they sense something in the path...like a child or the dog. Very nice.

Overall we love the van and would recommend it!