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Rimmel Eye Pencil: Easy Way To Make Your Eyes Beautiful!

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Mimpi Gh By Mimpi Gh on
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Easy Soft Daily Rimmel Werable

I am not really a person who uses a lot of makeup. All my face makeup comes down to a dash of lipstick - the lighter it is the better, with dark, smoky and kohl eyes. I just love wearing eye makeup. Having said this, I find eyeliners runny and inconvenient to wear. This is mostly due to my myopic eyes. My glasses created a lot of problem when I had tried to use them on a few occasions. I had to take them off and really had to open my eyes wide to have a clear vision. That made me inclined towards the eye pencil, which make things easier for me.

My sister introduced me to Rimmel many years ago and since then I have stuck with it. I am a complete Rimmel girl! I find their eye pencils subdued, soft and perfect for day time use. It's smudge proof, water proof and ultra convenient to apply. It’s like coloring pencils. You just have to draw lines softly along the eye lines -you just cannot go wrong! I am thankful to my sisters and brother-in-law who have been so generous to buy me different varieties of the eye pencils over the years.

Allergies are one thing that I have been fighting for long, and I really have to be careful every time I use a new cosmetic. I am sensitive to a few brands, and that makes things worse. Even though, I have never been to the doctors to know about it in detail; I think, it’s wiser to stay away from the brands that do not suit me. Rimmel eye pencils have worked fine for me. With no hint of rashes and irritation, this brand has been a hit. The ingredients are proven dermatologically and you can check on them to avoid allergies or other complications before using it.

I have used almost all the colors of Rimmel eye pencil – black, blue, green, brown and various shades of the basics. They come in various attractive hues and textures. The brand has also introduced a range of 'Eye Glisteners' which makes ‘eye glow with gloss’. These are good for evening and party wear, and really make you look charming.

It has become a part of my daily routine, and just as I eat, work and write - I do Rimmel. I love the fact that it’s convenient and easy to use. Removing the makeup is another thing that has kept me away from using too much. I really dread the elaborate regimen. However, it has been a hassle free experience since I have used this brand. Just a dab of cleansing lotion and the eye color comes off very easily.

Another important point is that these eye pencils are less expensive than many good and reputed brands. If you are not convinced then you can compare these with the qualities of a few reputed brands. I have always found them really upbeat.


If there is a downside, it is the quality of Rimmel products that have deteriorated over the years. The black or the dark blues are not that dark, really. I do not see that as a disadvantage, but people who specifically love dark lined eyes might not really like to choose this over other brands.