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Rio (Dvd, 2011)

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By Christopher Wilder on
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Rio is a very nice, heartfelt, adventurous, and family-oriented movie. It is great for all ages, including families, young kids, as well as older adults! Rio is the BEST movie that I have seen all year! I HIGHLY recommend that you see this heartfelt movie! If your family likes humorous, animated films, then Rio is for them/ you!

Blu, the Blue bird in the movie, is unable to fly, so that sets him back from all of the other birds. So, his friends help him to overcome his weakness, in order to become more like them. The "bad bird" in the movie works with two men, to capture endangered species of birds, and as soon as they heard about the Blue Macaws, they immediately set looking for them.

See, the "professor" in the movie, wants Blu and the only female of his kind left, to mate. He wants to take the Blue Macaw species off of the endangered list, and prevent them from becoming extinct. So, the professor, along with Blu's owner bring the birds together to Rio De Janiero, Brazil. They go her because that is where the female bird lives. Blu's owner was very hesitant, but Blu talked her into bringing him, althogh he was nervous, also. But, while Blu is in Brazil, he gets lost with the female Blue Macaw. :( Blu's owner immediately goes searching for them, as Blu goes searching for her! They finally find each other, and the live happily ever after!

I like all of the music in this movie! There are some very catchy tunes!

When you buy Rio on DVD, for a limited time, you get a special code to unlock 15 FREE exclusive levels on the game "Angry Birds: Rio", available for the PC, Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or iPad 2. I am highly addicted to all of the angry birds games, so this was enough to get me to buy the DVD, and that is probably what Fox was thinking.

Again, I HIGHLY recommend this movie to EVERYONE! My Grandpa brought me to see it, and he absolutely LOVED it! And, he loves the Angry Birds Games, too!

They also have a "Party Pack, " of Rio on DVD. This Party Pack includes Rio on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Copy! It also includes extra special features, not available on the regular DVD disc. I absolutely LOVED this movie, and I KNOW you will too!