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Rio: The Movie, A Must Watch Film!

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Blu and Linda

Rio is a computer-animated 3D movie. It's a musical-comedy adventure, produced by the makers of Iceage Series. The film is set in the wonderful city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, The movie is about an exotic Blue Macaw that is almost instinct. Who has been captured in the jungle of - Rio de Janeiro. When he was a little baby macaw & unable to fly, the bird smugglers netted him along with several other birds, in the jungle of Rio de Janeiro and shipped them to the snowy Minnesota. The box containing the little macaw fell off the truck and was found by a girl, Linda. She domesticated him and named him Blu. The two become close friends.

It’s a comedy, adventure cum love story between the two rare Macaws; Blu and Jewel. Blu believes that he is the last of his kind, but a Brazilian bird scientist, Tulio reveals to Linda that Blu is the last Male of his kind, and that there’s another Macaw out there in Rio de Janeiro, a female macaw, named jewel. He persuaded Linda to travel to Rio de Janeiro in an attempt to pair Blu with Jewel to save the species. Linda unwillingly takes Blu to Rio de Janeiro and that is where the fun begins because Jewel and Blu did not hit off instantly…

Blu has lived a sheltered life. He was dependent, domesticated and a flight challenged bird unable to fly, but he's happy and loves every minute of life.Jewel on the other hand, is a feisty and independent, free-spirited, high-flying female / soul, with the world at her feet.The situation goes bad when Blu & Jewel got kidnapped and found themselves in a wild chase across the bright, tropical, scenic landscape of Brazil.

Somehow both the birds, Blu and Jewel got kidnapped by a smuggler named Marcel along with his accomplices and scary cockatoo named Nigel. But Blu and Jewel managed to escape from the poachers. While escaping from Nigel and the poachers they befriend Rafael, the toucan, Pedro, the red-crested cardinal, Nico, the yellow canary, and Luiz, the bulldog.

It is a decent and entertaining family movie with so much fun from start to end. The film's animation is so good, colors are so vibrant, and the characters are sweet and funny.

Overall: It is a fun-filled movie that you cannot help but remain mesmerized by the vibrant images, colorful backdrop, stimulating Latin and Modern music, song / dance and the atmosphere created in the movie. The scenes of carnival were just amazing and breathtaking.

Through this movie the director Carlos Saldanha pays homage to the city where he was born, by showing the beauty of its people, music and breathtaking locations. It's definitely a must watch movie!