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Rip Stik Caster Board

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Brian Francois By Brian Francois on
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The Ripstik is one of this year’s hottest toys. After seeing videos of it in use on websites like Youtube, I knew I had to try it. I was able to get one from a friend and try it out. At first, it is quite scary because you are only riding on 2 wheels. Soon, I was starting to get the hang of it and was enjoying myself. After about one afternoon, I am a "pro" at it. Well, I can make it from my garage down onto the street (which is a hill) and then ride my way back up and into my driveway. The Ripstik is so revolutionary because of the way it works. Instead of pushing it like a regular skateboard, you move your back foot forward and back to propel the board forward. The action looks almost like a fish. One suggestion to anyone who is learning how to ride is to first teach themselves by holding onto something such as a car, a wall, or even another person. The Ripstik is a great and relatively cheap (compared to a normal skateboard) toy that is fun for all ages. As soon as you start learning how to ride, you are going to have fun for a long time. The only bad thing about the Ripstik is that after a few months, depending on how much you ride, the wheels must be replaced. However, that is no problem because they are cheap anyway.