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Rise Against 'Appeal To Reason' 2008

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John LeBlanc By John LeBlanc on
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I was never a very big Rise Against fan - I only liked a few songs [Savior, Ready To Fall, Swing Life Away, Give it All], and decided to give a full album a shot. I thought I'd do that with "Appeal To Reason, " the band's newest album. I am not disappointed. In fact, I'm actually very glad I took the time to listen to this. Lyrically, the songs are great; each song will create a mental image in your head of what's going on. Tim does an amazing job on the vocals as always, and the rest of the band does a great job as well.

I can't say that there's any part of this album that I don't like. Oh, and of course, my two favorite songs by Rise Against are on this album - "Collapse [Post Amerika], " who actually reminds me a bit of Jane's Addiction and The Living End [I'm not entirely sure why] and upscale beat makes it one of the best, and "Savior, " which in my opinion is the band's masterpiece. It's the perfect song, to me. In general, the entire album is a hard rock masterpiece - there isn't a single part in any song that doesn't belong or isn't good. "Appeal To Reason" is definitely worth a listen, and if you've got the money, it's worth it.