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Risk: Anyone Wants To Conquer The World??

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A friend of us has a son who is obsessed with this board game. Every time we come to visit, he begs me to play with him, because no one else has the patience. And patience is certainly a must if you want to play Risk: just setting the game up before you can actually start playing may take 30-40 minutes.

The object of Risk is to conquer the world, no less (definitely a guy thing). The game has a Napoleon-era world map; the world, as it was known back then, is divided into 42 different territories that you must gain control over. Each player has their own, color-coded army - miniature infantry, cavalry, and artillery pieces that they will move around the map, attacking other players' territories. Of course, you need to have some troops left to defend your conquered lands, too. You move by rolling dice. There are also game cards that you collect in the process as you conquer more territory; later on, these can be traded for more army to reinforce your positions.

The game involves planning and strategy, but there is also the element of luck as you toll dice. This can be frustrating, just like in real life: you do your best to be smart and plan well, but then life interferes and messes things up. As I have mentioned earlier, this is definitely a guy game: my wife won't play it, and not many other women I know would want to spend several hours moving armies. For us guys though, it's a lot of fun. Who wouldn't want to feel himself a Napoleon??