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Risk Conquering The World

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rose33oo By rose33oo on
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I played this game when I was younger and enjoyed it very much. It is a strategy game, which I tend to get beat at a lot. You have your armies which you have to place on the game board in different territories and try to take them over.

The object of the game is to, literally, take over the world. You roll dice and battle each others armies. You eliminate armies by rolling higher numbers than your opponent. Each time you defeat a territory, getting all your opponents armies off, you put your men there. You get risk cards which can be saved to turn in for armies. Every turn you count your territories and how many continents you have dominated and you get so many armies to place on your territories before that turn.

The pieces come in 6 different colors. You have infantry, cavalry, and artillery. Your infantry will be worth 1 "army" each. Your cavalry will be worht 5 "armies" each, and your artillery will be worth 10 "armies" each. They come in clear plastic boxes, which I think is wonderful for storage reasons, and the colors are Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green, and Gray.

If you're looking for a game that will use up some time and make you think a little bit I would recommend this game. I think it is a game for older children or more for adults though. It says recommended age is over 10 years old. My husband and I play the 2 player version all the time and love it. There are tons of pieces so when we run out of armies we choose another color that's not being used and have more armies! Of couse, I get beat and don't take it so well but you might have better luck!