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Risk: Global Domination

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By korg on
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I love strategic gaming and Risk is one of my favorite games to play. I like to play for total domination, but you can also play Mission Risk, which gives you a mission, such as conquer all black or have two armies occupy eighteen territories, to complete in order to win. In total domination, you choose a color for your army to be. Territory cards are then passed out and you place one army on each territory you own. After that, you place the rest of your allotted armies on the territories you want to concentrate on keeping and around territories you want to win. Personally I like to play total domination, as it gives me more options for what countries I want to conquer.

The game is really two-fold: strategic planning and the luck of the dice. If your strategy is sound, you have to depend on the person you're attacking to roll low numbers. In each turn, if you win a territory, you are given a territory card. Once you have three territories that match (i.e. either all of one type or one of three different types), you can turn a set in for more armies.

I normally like to only win one territory a turn, but if I have enough armies that I will keep fortified, I will risk more armies to win another country. Once you have won a continent, you get more armies each turn to help you win more countries. I especially like to play with another couple and my wife because they all go for multiple countries each turn which thins out their armies faster. That enables me to win more often, which I love! After you have conquered all territories, you have just conquered the game of Risk!