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Rite Lite Wireless Led Puck Lights

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With the recent bout of bad weather that included snow, an ice storm and then more snow our electricity was constantly blinking on and off and at one point we completely lost power. Fortunately, for us the electricity was only off for an hour but we have in the past lost power for hours or days due to storms. I get tired of looking for candles and matches and worrying if I have blown out the candles. So while out shopping I got to looking for a light that would run on batteries that could be used if the power went out. I found RiteLite Wireless LED Puck Lights. These are little round lights that you can use anywhere where you have darkness. You can use RiteLite Wireless LED Puck Lights in the closet, on a bookcase, or in a workshop. They are actually great for anywhere you need extra light.

Features of these lights include:

They can be mounted anywhere by a two-sided sticky pad or they can be mounted with a screw that is included.

The light portion pivots and rotates to put the light when you need it.

They run on three AAA batteries and supposedly they each will run for 100, 000 hours on the 3 batteries.

They turned on by simply pressing the the light once for bright, twice for dim, and a third time for off.

Each puck light as five LED lights.

The only complaint I might foresee about this product is the back snaps off to let you put in batteries and once its stuck on the wall it might be difficult to get it to come apart without taking it down. I will solve this by just setting it where I want with out mounting it or if it causes a problem I can always use some velcro.

Overall, this is a good product. I tried one in a bathroom that has no window so it was completely dark. One of these lights actually puts out enough light so that you could see what you were doing. It's not a substitute for actual electricity but it puts out more light than a candle. These came three in a package but I will be buying more.