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Rival Crock Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker

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Jennifer Claerr By Jennifer Claerr on
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I asked my husband for this 2 1/2 quart crock pot some fifteen years ago. The model is effectively identical to the ones sold today. This Rival Stoneware Crock Pot has to be one of the most useful, reliable and long-lasting devices I have ever used. The enameled stoneware makes for the best possible cooking surface. There is little that sticks to it, and what does stick can be easily removed. The crock is not removable, but this has never caused me a problem with cooking or cleaning. The electric element has never given me a moment's trouble in all this time. There is a low setting and a hot setting which I can use, depending on how much time I have to cook my meal. The hot setting gets nearly as hot as a pot on the stove, yet doesn't have to be watched constantly. You can turn it on and walk away, returning only occasionally to stir the pot.

My only complaint about this crock pot is that it came with a plastic lid, which after years of use has cracked slightly. However, it still works like a charm and if that's the only problem I have with it over its lifetime, I count myself pretty lucky.