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Rival Deep Fryer

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chesneychic By chesneychic on
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I needed to get a new deep fryer because my old one was getting too small as my kids are getting older and eating more. I know it is not very healthy to deep fry things but every once in a while especially during hockey games we love to snack on cheese sticks and chicken wings.I didn't want to get anything that was too fancy because it is not used very much. I decided to go with the Rival deep fryer. It is a four liter deep fryer and can hold over one pound of food. It is black and silver and has a removable basket that can go in the dishwasher.

For the first few months I was very pleased with the fryer. My food came out great and I loved using the digital timer. I was also very happy that I could fit all the food in at one time unlike my older one. QThen of course after it was too late to take it back is when all the problems started first the lid of the fryer start coming off so my husband went ahead and fixed that at least twice. Then the basket started falling apart and does not want to sit right in the fryer. Then finally I noticed that I kept getting oil all over my counter at first I thought I was just filling it to much because it was a little amount then kept getting bigger and bigger. I emptied it and refilled it and made sure that it was right at the line that is marked on the fryer there is obviously a leak in the fryer because I keep getting more and more oil on the counter.

Needless to say I am very disappointed in this fryer we have not even had it a whole year and now I am out looking for another one.