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I purchased this counter top roasting oven by Rival 4 Thanksgivings ago and use it several times per year. I had a different model but somehow it disappeared and I think it ended up in Georgia with my mother... KMart still sells these and they are closer to $40 now, but it's still a great value for what you get.

The roaster is a God-send, for sure. I have been roasting our turkeys in here every year and they come out fantastic and so tender. I normally have a 23-24 pound bird that fits fine, but this year for Christmas I got a 21 pounder. I should also say that the oven our landord put in last year is a built in that is very small. So this turkey won't fit and my only alternative is to use this roaster. It browns my turkey too and my husband just loves "carving the turkey" because he literally just grabs hold of the breast bone and cavity and shakes it right out of the bird. I will try to catch a video of this later and upload for you all to see it. It's a man pride thing and he says he never has to touch a knife to "his" turkey carving. Now the manufacturer information on this oven states it takes up to an 18 pound turkey but I have always put the sizes in that I mentioned. I figure if I'm cooking that thing, it's gonna be a big bird. Yes, there are smudges and spill marks on my photos, but I'm using it today. The image of my turkey is about half way done.

The Rival roaster oven has a buffet server as well, so when I am done with the turkey, I remove everything and clean the oven. Then I place the buffet rack and 3 food trays inside each section. I normally put vegetables in the little buffet, but I can put the oven on low after they are heated and the side dishes stay nice and warm - I love it!

The casing of the oven is stainless and black plastic. The lid handle is plastic, as are the side handles. The roasting pan inside comes out to reveal an inner liner that I have used for my larger birds and it also has a metal rack with handles that fits inside, right under the bird and makes it easier to lift the turkey out of the pan. I included a manufacturer image of the full roaster so you can see the 3 buffet server pans included. The image shows the buffet tray pans inside the internal roaster that my turkey is currently sitting in.

The only downside I have is that there is no power "on" light. So once you plug it in, if you get busy and forget, there is no indicator that it's on - other than carefully feeling the pan to see if it's hot.

It comes with a one year warranty which I guess is standard in today's world.

I highly recommend this roaster oven and if you find yourself with a small oven or just needing to use your oven for baking pies, casseroles, stuffings or other side dishes, this oven is great and allows you to keep on cooking while your bird slowly bastes itself into a moist piece of heaven.

Update On Dec 25, 2009: I have uploaded a video of the finished turkey. My husband makes a slit in the skin only by the breasts and then grabs the breastbone and literally shakes the bone and cavity right from the bird. Then he uses a fork and tongs to serve the turkey. So, if you want a nice juicy turkey every time and don't care about the "big presentation" of taking the bird to the table, only to take it away again for carving, then try one of these roasting ovens for yourself. Your family will love the results. And I get a kick out of my husband telling everyone how he doesn't have to carve the turkey. They never believe him so now we have video proof.