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Rob Zombie Live!

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Two weeks ago, I had the awesome privilege to go to a Rob Zombie concert. It was one of the best concerts I've been to(and I've been to a lot). Well the other day I saw Rob Zombie's "Live" Cd on sale at Best Buy and thought, maybe it would capture his awesomeness like other live CD's I have do. The results? Well..mixed.

The Cd is over and hour long and has a great set list to listen through. The Set list is identical to the one I watched when he performed here with the exception of a few songs. All of the great Zombie hits are here, yet they left out "Feel so Numb", which in my opinion, is the best Rob Zombie song. He performed it at my Concert(Which is a part of his tour with Ozzy and In This Moment) but on here (The Educated Horses Tour) it's absent for some reason. Either than that, the set list is great.

As for the actual performance itself, this is where I really felt everything was watered down on the CD. There is no dialogue in between songs or anything that makes you feel like that, even though its in your stereo, you're right there. It just feels like a collection of hits live. Also, Rob Zombie didn't seem spot on during this CD. His vocals don't seem to match the pitch of his own songs, though he never is tired and out of breathe. All the songs sound different, which live songs usually do, but it sounds completely different from the concert I went to. The instruments are still spot on though, with the exception that the bass guitar isn't heard that much, and the bass itself has almost no kick in the speakers.

The Cd also lacks a good lyrics jacket and doesn't come with a DVD or any sort of thing to go with it. Most live CD's either have 2 disks of a massive concert, or have another disk/DVD that has stuff on it. It's a good CD, don't get me wrong, but I would of liked something with it.

Overall, this CD is alright, not anything like a KISS live CD though. If you can spare an extra $15, just drive out to one of his shows and be completely amazed. The man really is amazing when you see him live.