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Rob Zombie's Halloween Gruesome Horror

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Rob Zombie has a twisted imagination, not unlike Wes Craven (though in a different fashion), which can only make for fantastic horror and gripping action.

With this film, he doesn't disappoint. He delivers a fantastically gruesome horror film, but without the over exaggerated amount of blood and gore that can detract from the horror.

His wife (Sheri Moon Zombie) plays the mother of Michael Myers. In this retelling, we start by seeing Myers in his house, how he lived, what he was like as a child, and a younger adult.

His murderous tirade on the 'sleepy' town of his youth doesn't begin until later in the film, more towards the middle.

This is rated 'R' and definitely not for the faint of heart. It's bloodier than the original, and the storyline is pretty different from it as well. There are also more death scenes, and other content that may be unsuitable for many people. If you're sensitive to certain situations (like abuse in any fashion) you may want to skip it.

Zombie does a great commentary for the film, detailing various tid bits about production, and the actors.

Don't go into this film thinking that it will be a remake of the original. There are many things that stayed the same (names, towns, character types/scenes/deaths, etc.), but there is MUCH that is very different in this version.

I'm a Halloween fan in particular, and a general horror movie fan. I loved it! Comparison wise, there were things I prefered in the original, and there were things I prefered in this version. But, in general, this was a great horror film that was even better than I had anticipated (and I was expecting a great deal from Zombie, he exceeded those expectations)!