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Robaxacet No More Back Ache

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Among other things such as musical, artistic and entrepreneurial talent that I was fortunate to inherit from my parents, I also inherited a few physical ailments one of which is a bad back. What hasn't helped in that respect is a sliding accident, car accident and of course Fibromyalgia. Some days trying to find even slight relieve from back pain is a pretty difficult task particularly if I am standing, sitting or walking for any length of time.

I truly hate having to take medications and am probably one of the worst people for doing so. I have difficulty swallowing pills that are larger than the head of a tack and where Robaxacet is concerned I consider these pills as a very last resort in fighting the pain. The pills are in my opinion enormous! When my Doctor recommended that I try them and handed me two small sample packets that contained two pills in each, just feeling the size of them through the tinfoil packet I knew that they were going to last me a very long time. As it stands, I still have a full package of two remaining and he gave these to me the beginning of 2007. I guess it would be safe to say that I've little chance of becoming dependent upon them.

The first time I tried these I made the mistake of taking a full pill. Of course I had to grind it up and mix it with sugar in order to ensure I could take it but when I had it was only minutes later that I realized with Robaxacet, Extra strength really does mean extra strength! The pain evaporated within minutes of taking the medication and in its place was this euphoric, calm and don't give a darn about anything attitude. I can't say that I enjoyed it however because approximately 10 minutes after ingesting the pill, I was asleep and slept for several hours...during the day!

Lesson learned, I choose now to take less than a quarter of a tablet at a time and only if I absolutely can no longer tolerate the pain. Robaxacet works! Plain and simple. Even a small amount dulls the pain sufficiently that I can function well enough that the back pain isn't nearly as apparent any longer. I still get a bit of a 'buzz' from the medication but am still able to remain awake.

The package does indicate that this medication may cause drowsiness or dizziness and operation of machinery or driving or any activity where alertness is necessary should be avoided while taking them. It also suggests up to two pills at a time, every 6 hours for a maximum of 4 times a day if necessary. Dosage should not exceed the recommended 8 pills maximum per day. I'm obviously a lightweight when it comes to medications because 1/4 tablet once in a day is more than enough for me.

Except for the magnificent size of the pills, I might possibly resort to Robaxacet before the pain gets almost unbearable but with the effectiveness that Robaxacet has proven to have, I know that when I finally do give in to the pain, Robaxacet will take care of it quickly and keep it down to a dull roar so that I can continue on with my day.

I recommend that anyone suffering from back pain speak with their medical professional before taking Robaxacet to ensure that it is safe to do so in the event there are any medical conditions that might prohibit you from using them. The active ingredients in the extra strength product are 500mg of Acetaminophen for the pain and 400mg of methocarbamol which is to relief muscle spasms and tense muscles. Caution is necessary and Robaxacet should be avoided if chronic alcoholism, liver or kidney disease or if pregnancy or nursing are a factor. If you are allergic to acetaminophen Robaxacet is also not for you.

Robaxacet definitely works for me but I'll continue to take it only when absolutely necessary and at a far less dosage than the manufacturer recommends.