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Robin Hood, Med In Tights

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Tight tights! What do you get when you add Cary Elwes, Mel Brooks, and lots of green tights together? You get pure, unstopable hilarity. Many people, including myself, grew up watching this movie. Robin Hood, Men in Tights, is by far the best movie adaptation of the Robin Hood legends ever. Elwes makes Kevin Costner look like a dacaying sea bass. This movie became an instant classic when it came out in 1993, and it still has a steady following. It is an odd person indeed who can't come up with at least one quote from this movie ("No ding ding without a wedding ring!"). There is no real need to go over the plot, it is basically your typical Robin Hood story, but better and easier to watch. In classic Mel style, there is a mix of witty banter, slapstick, and background humor. New comedies just don't seem to get the formula right anymore. The added characters of Blinkin, Achoo, Asneeze, and Latrine add another dimension of hilarity to the old story. If there is anything wrong with this film, it's the fact that every time a new Robin Hood movie comes out, someone's village gets burned ("Leave us alone Mel Brooks!"). Other than that, this movie reeks of perfection.