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Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs

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1. Day of the eagle 2. Bridge of sighs 3. In this place 4. The fool and me 5. Too rolling stoned 6. About to begin 7. Lady love 8. Little bit of sympathy


Nowadays, many people wonder what Jimi Hendrix would sound like if he had lived longer. Those people should listen to Trower’s masterpiece, “Bridge of sighs”.

Being a guitar player, I had never heard of Trower before seeing his name in a guitar magazine article about unsung guitar heroes. After seeing that I went and bought this album, which was recommended by the article. The magazine was right. Robin Trower is one of the most under rated guitar players in the world, and in my opinion deserves way more recognition for his efforts.

Whilst Hendrix started a new era for electric guitar players, it was in a raw unrefined form. Robin Trower picks up where Hendrix left off. Most guitarists of the time were attempting to match Hendrix’s technique without considering his tunefulness or emphasis on feel, Trower however, realising this, exploits this angle to create his own flavour of post-Hendrix rock music. Vocalist/bassist James Dewar is no slouch either, sounding like Paul Rodgers, only in a lower register.

Standout tracks include “Too Rolling Stoned” which features an intro of pure Hendrix-esque styling, with the use of a wah wah pedal over muted scratch chords- a reminiscent of Voodoo Chile(slight return). The track also features a two and a half minute guitar solo which ends the song, showcasing Trower's excellent guitar talent. The title track “Bridge of Sighs”, Trower uses a bank of effects pedals to produce a swirling, oceanic sound with sustain that hangs in the air for hours which creates a wonderful atmosphere within the song. "The Fool and Me" has a very catchy rhythm and bass line which you can't help nodding your head along to.

The CD version of this album (originally a vinyl release) also includes five extra tracks. These tracks are live versions of "Day of The eagle", "Bridge of Sighs", "Too Rolling Stoned", "Lady Love" and "Little bit of sympathy". In my opinion, this is the way these songs are meant to be heard. There just seems to be much more atmosphere in these recordings than the studio produced versions! Trower also improvises his guitar parts in sections of the guitar solos.

If you are a fan of good guitar music or rock music in general, Listen and be impressed by the mastery that is “Bridge of Sighs”.