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Roblox And Runescape

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today I am gonna talk about the 2 online games Rune scape and Roblox.

now I think not all of you know what these games are so here a few details about the games

ps. if you already know about ether of the games you may skip this part on this review

Rune scape

Rune scape is a free online multiplayer game where you can chat and do all kinds of things it is also and rpg game (role playing game. In the game you have your character or Rune scape account. With that character there all skills you can master and use for example] cooking you may train your cooking and cook higher level foods for more health and faster healing. Also with all the skills to master over 30 skills i think currently there is almost never anything to do. With those skills once mastered and combined you will become really power full in game and you might just have the skills required to do the quest. Not all quest have skill requirement some have quest requirement like a story board for example] to do the quest " under ground passage" you must first another certain quest first and befor that one you gotta do the one before it. So you see there is always something to do in the world of rune scape.


Roblox is also a free online game but its fairly newer that rune scape and i prefer i slightly more than rune scape. It is quit different from rune scape. It is based on the modern lego bricks. With these brick you can build ANYTHING "if you can imagine it you can build it" basically. In this game you can meet new interesting people and add them as friends on your profile page. You can fight, build, fly around in planes and helicopters, drive around too and lots more stuff for more details about this game please visit www.roblox.com

Now I will compare

now both games are free witch is both a good thing

witch ones do i use to chat more with] roblox

witch one have i been playing longer ] runescape

witch one more people play] runescape

according to this rune scape has gotten more popularity but I don't think I like it better. So my dissension is going to be that I like roblox better.

Now you learn t about both of these games hope you guys have a fun time playing this is just my review about it so you don't gotta listen to it

if you have any questions about ether games please send me an email at [email protected] and if you wish to add me as a friend on ether game please send friends request or add me my user name on both games is griffin904 also for my fellow robloxians I am part of this clan and i am close to co leader so if you would like to join it please send me a private message on roblox

I will be making more and more reviews on online games