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Robo Raptor

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By kyrelth on
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At first it seems like a great toy, a 30" long grey/white raptor that has several "moods". I received mine for christmas in 2006, and unfortunately it hasnt been through a full set of batteries yet. This is mostly because it just kinda sits around, waiting for me to do something cool with it. I'll let you know when I figure out what that is. Its too slow to chase the cats around, its rather loud as it moves so it cant sneak up on anyone. It also appears to have been a common issue in that the feet can not grip the floor very well. Reading on various message boards, it also appears that each raptor has its own particular stance and foot pattern.

The remote is pretty well laid out, although sometimes changing "mood" is a trick. The "follow the light" mode is pretty cool as are its various bite and tail slap controls.

In short, the roboraptor is a great idea that perhaps came a little before its time. I know that the companies other products have shown great improvements in V2.0 so I have hopen for future versions. The raptor is also a bit pricey, but about what you would expect for a first generation item such as this.