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Rock A Stack

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By Nicki Mann on
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I really like the more old-fashioned toys that aren't constantly bombarding kids with electronic noises and flashing lights! Here's one that I had when I was a baby, and now its really fun to see my own little ones playing with it! Its basically a little pole with five colorful, differently-sized rings, and the baby is supposed to stack the rings back up on the pole in order of their size! Well, the nine-month-old in my house isn't quite that advanced yet, but she definitely gets a big smile on her face whenever I get the Rock-A-Stack out of her toybox! She loves to pick up the plastic rings and chew on them, and she loves watching me stack the rings back on their pole!

The best things about this toy?

Its simple! No batteries, no funny noises, no tiny parts that the baby can somehow manage to get in her mouth!

Its easy to clean! Its all plastic, so when it gets grimy you can just throw it in the sink or dish washer, or wipe it off with a rag. You can even put it in the bathtub with the baby!

It will withstand the age of time! This toy is not only durable, but its something that has amused babies for decades, and will most likely be around to amuse babies for years to come. Buy it for your baby now, and someday you can pass it on to your nieces and nephews, or your neighbor's children, or even your grandchildren!

For six bucks, what more could you want from a toy?