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Rock Band 2 Review

Reviewing: Harmonix Rock Band 2 Bundle  |  Rating:
By firebrand37 on
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The Rock Band 2 bundle is a vast improvement over the previous game in the series. The original Rock Band suffered from poorly designed instruments that broke after only a few days of serious use. The new game comes with extra sensitive, steel reinforced drums and a slightly improved guitar. Everything is now wireless as well (except for the microphone) which ends the necessity of the AC powered USB adapter from the previous installment (which was a real pain). The guitar still leaves something to be desired with the keys being recessed into the fretboard. If you start off with this controller you may not notice but as most hardcore rhythm gamers will tell you, Guitar Hero's controllers are far superior.

That being said there is one issue that makes Rock Band 2 superior to Guitar Hero, and all other rhythm games for that matter, is the fact that Rock Band original's entire song list can be imported into the new game for a mere 5 dollars. No other game offers that!

There are a few more features that have been tacked on since the original came out but there is not much to say about them, the challenges are interesting but most will overlook them in favor is just "going on tour".

Closing Comments: The only reason I dont give this game a perfect score is because I think they could have designed a better guitar and also the "hammer-on" system for the game could use some fine-tuning. Well worth the money, this game has huge replay value and your friends will be begging to come over and "play in your band"