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Rock Band 3 For Wii Really Rocks

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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Rock Band 3 Cover

I recently purchased Rock Band 3 for the Wii as a birthday present for my 16-year-old son. He has wanted Rock Band for a while now and since the price has dramatically gone down recently I figured this would be the perfect time. I also purchased the keyboard and stand for this particular video game, as well as a YouRock Guitar.

Since we are a very musical family, this game has already gotten a lot of play. It features many songs, 83 are included, and more can be downloaded from http://www.rockband.com/. They cost extra money so we have not downloaded any extra songs yet. The pro mode is fun because we can use the keyboard and guitar with it. We will be purchasing the drum set and the microphone in a few weeks so we can all play at once.

Once you begin playing, you can unlock different tasks. One of the first is customize characters. That was a lot of fun for all my kids. The band members, or characters, represent each part of the band. It is fun to customize your particular band member and watch them play the song along with you. The lead singer is also fun to watch sing each song.

The songs themselves are great. We love rock and roll so they are perfect for us. We especially love the Queen and Billy Joel songs. With different skill levels available, pretty much anyone can play them. I personally am now on level 2 with most of the songs. It has taken me a few weeks to get use to the keyboard and guitar. I cannot wait to get the drum set and start practicing on that. I have heard that the drums are easy to use and fun to learn on.

The instruments are easy to install for the Wii. There is an easy set up program on the game. You just plug in a USB wi-fi connector on the Wii system itself. It is almost that simple!

Overall, the graphics on the Wii are average. They are nothing to brag about but the graphics are a bit better than other Wii games. Honestly, the Xbox 360 has better graphics. I personally love the Wii format, which is why I purchased the Wii version for my son. I recommend purchasing Rock Band 3 for anyone that loves music. It is fun, easy to use and will bring the family together. Learn to play instruments that you never thought you could.