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'Rock Band' Drums Live Up To The Hype

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Paul Hinds By Paul Hinds on
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I used to be a dedicated drummer, so as soon as I heard a game was coming out with an electric drum-set, I KNEW I had to get it. I bought it and have played it with friends for a good while. This is the ultimate game.

I originally only bought my Xbox 360 for just hanging out with friends in my basement when there was nothing else to do, however, Rock Band has changed everything. Now I have people calling me wanting to come over every day, and we now rock out instead of going out. This game is great if you're looking to save money in the long run because you'll never want to leave your house.

Rock Band is a one- to four-player game, allowing for one guitar, [another guitar configured as] bass, microphone, and drum kit.

The guitar layout is a tad bit nicer than Guitar Hero, and the guitar also has a second set of frets up by the base. When I play the guitar, I'm left-handed and the versatility of this guitar is amazing. I love how you can pretty much just flip the guitar upside-down and change a menu option and you're ready to rock.

The microphone is pretty cool, as it actually measures the pitch of your voice. The words come across the screen along with a pitch level and you try to match it. It's great for people trying to develop their voices.

Now here's where I spent most of my time: the drums. I haven't really drummed much for over two years, so I again had to get used to everything all over again. This game has actually worked my muscles so much, especially the kick pedal, that I've ended up losing weight playing this game. The great part about this game is the set-up is very, very, VERY real, so if you got good enough at playing this game, you could sit down at a drum kit and play your heart out. I've honestly felt as if this game has taught me a different style of drumming that I couldnt do when I was a drummer for a band.

My only complaint with the drums is the kick pedal. They have a set place for the kick pedal, but not everyone drums the same; I like my bass drum slightly angled away from me which in turn angles my kick pedal, but this game is only set up for the kick pedal to be coming straight out. For what you're getting though, this is easily overlooked.

I HIGHLY reccommend this game for people who are thinking about maybe wanting to play drums. Not everyone has rythym but after playing this game for a few days, you'll know if you can handle a real set of drums. This game will tone you up and get you ready for the drum world.