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Rock Band Special Edition

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For Christmas my daughter wanted either Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour. After comparing the two we decided we like the music selections available for rock band the best so we went with that. We got ours for the Playstation 2 and I am told all we have to do is get the disc and we can also use the instruments that came with it for the Playstation3 as well.

I am not big on video games but I have to admit this has actually been fun for the whole family to play. There are 4 of us so we purchase an extra guitar so that we can all play at once. The set comes with a disc of songs, drums, microphone and one guitar that can be used as a bass or a guitar. The game can be played as single player, competitive, or collaborate band modes. It comes with 45 tracks and some of the artists included on the disc are classic performers including, Bon Jovi, Blue Oyster Cult, David Bowie, The Who and The Police. Yeah, 80's music.

If you plan on getting this game keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with. The drum set is not a small hand held controller so it requires a little room. I did not think my 7 year old would be able to keep up but he actually does really well on the drums. The guitar is a little more difficult for him because his hands are small. Ideally I would love an all 80's version of popular songs to come out. As lead singer if I don't know the tune, I have a hard time singing along. The better your band does, the more songs you can unlock. We alsomanaged to find a few cheat codes online which helped out. I like that each player can choose their own level of difficulty for each song so we all can play at a level that is comfortable for us. I am told if and when we switch it over to the Playstation 3, you can purchase individual songs online for it and download it right to the system.

All in all this is a pricey game but one that we have found is fun for the whole family or just the kids to play.