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Rock Of Love Season One Revised

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Pass the lipstick and eyeliner...

No, not to the girls, but to the ever powdered Mr. Bret Michaels! This man should start his own make up line - he wears enough of it!

The ever handsome and pathetically chauvenistic Mr. Michaels, takes us on a journey as he seeks his one true love amidst a bevvy of rock-chicks whom appear to have no idea what clothing actually is! For the few of you who may be too young to know - or too old to care - Bret Michaels was one time singer of the hair band "Poison" - yes, named after a substance one would readily ingest after listening to their music - "Unskinny Bop" for example, pretty much says it all really.....

In attempt to regain fame and fortune, this aging although terrible cute, rocker has decided to turn to reality TV and has graced us with the tackiest show created. Yes, I LOVED IT!

Rock Of Love Season One

As with all great reality TV shows based on this ever popular theme - man/woman meets 20, 000 women/men, puts them through sexual acrobatics and mindless games, narrows it down to one after a painfully long season and dumps them in the reunion show - this one will not disappoint.

Bret is introduced to a plethora of girls barely old enough to be his daughter - many of whom have no idea who this man is and just want to have "face-time" who pucker and flutter, giggle and purr at his every word. The tears flow and the mascara runs (oh! That's just Bret) as week by week one girl gets told "Your tour ends here....".

There is nothing new to this show, except that it is tremendously entertaining if you enjoy watching pathetic females fight with each other, perform inane tasks for their man, lie, cheat and back-stab each other as they claw their way into Bret's arms! Fascinating!

I would offer you a little insight into the psychology of this show - but there is nothing deeper to this than the folowing:

Some girls will do anything to get on television.....

As a woman, I should be deeply offended by this, as with each episode the charming Mr. Michaels woos these young and impressionalble young ladies (snicker) while always holding the conversation with their breasts. Honestly, I am not offended. I loved it. These girls knew what they were doing and quite frankly, it made for wonderful brainless television.

Check it out for yourself!

Update On Jun 21, 2009: I am pulling this review due to the fact that I have it posted on another site and they will not remove it at my request - I apologize for any incovenience :-) I may re-write this, although I'd rather add new fodder here :-)


I couldn't get the original review pulled from another site, so I re-wrote the whole bloomin' thing and THIS ONE has now been SR approved and is good to go :-)