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Rock Out In Your Pj's!

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This has to be the most fun game to play - EVER!!


The complete band set comes with wireless guitar controller, wireless drum kit and a wired microphone.

Initially it is a little bit of a pain to set up and configure, but well worth the aggravation.

All the conrollers are lightweight but seem to be quite durable as we have dropped our guitar a few times with no damage done - phew.


Complete with a "supposed" track list of over 80 songs, I was greatly disappointed to see that only about a dozen or so were accessible upon beginning the game - you are expected to unlock tracks as you progress through your career. This is okay if you are patient and have a memory card - I am not and do not, so for those of you out there who are like me read on, for those who want to play the game as intended - stop reading right here - I have the cheat code to unlock ALL the tracks!! (Start reading after this next paragraph).



Okay, go to main menu, select options, scroll down to cheats and enter "new code" - now, with your drum or guitar, select the following colors IN ORDER - Blue, Blue, Red, Green, Green, Blue, Blue, Yellow - now it will show that your code has been saved!!! BUT - and VERY important - continue to scroll down through the locked codes until you find something that shows cheat on or off - toggle to ON and eureka - go back to quickplay and there they are ALL 80 something tracks!!!


Now, for the record, if anyone can play "Hot For Teacher" at anything other than a beginner level - you have my utmost respect - that's a smoking song - even on beginner.

An excellent game and great value at about $180 - when you break down the price you are actually getting the microphone for free. I recommend this game to kids of all ages!

Play, rock out and have fun.