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Rockband Fun But Could Be Better

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By mom2one on
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As you might know from previous reviews, we are a Guitar Hero household. My son and I love Guitar Hero.

When Rockband came out for the Wii recently I decided that would be a great addition and the cool thing would be the drums!

I ordered it on Amazon and patiently waited for it to be delivered. When it finally arrived my son and I dug right into it. We set it up and started playing.

The concept is the same as Guitar Hero, following the scrolling music notes going across your TV screen. This time you can play guitar, drums or even be the singer.

Is it fun, yes it is fun, but truthfully I like Guitar Hero much, much better. I was slightly disappointed in Rockband. The graphics on Rockband just didn't compare to the graphics on Guitar Hero. Maybe it is because I am used to Guitar Hero, but I don't like how Rockband's main menu is set up. I also like Guitar Hero's music selection much better. Rockband seemed to have a lot more newer music, with a few older songs thrown in. I would prefer if it had a more balanced of the two. I will say I love playing Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi on Rockband! Now that rocks!!

All in all Rockband is fun and although I found a lot of stuff I don't like about it, I do enjoy playing it.

Would I recommend this? It depends. I recently found out Guitar Hero is now coming out with a whole band system, like Rockband, it will have the drums, guitar and a chance to sing. If I would of known that before buying Rockband I would have waited.

So my recommendation is this, if you are a huge Guitar Hero fan, I personally would wait until Guitar Hero on Tour is released.

While Rockband is fun, I don't know if I would have spent the money on it if I had known about the Guitar Hero system coming out.

I have already preordered that!