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Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard And Laser Mouse

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By digbybare on
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I bought this at Best Buy on black friday. I had not planned on getting a mice, but at $40, discounted from $100, it was too good a deal to pass up.

Included in the box are the mouse and keyboard, with batteries provided, a bluetooth dongle, the software for the bluetooth dongle, as well as an instruction manual.

The setup for Windows was pretty simple. Put in the CD, and follow the on screen instructions to install the bluetooth drivers. It walks you through the process of pairing with the keyboard and mice. I had a bit of trouble pairing with the keyboard, but after a couple tries, it finally worked. After it is properly configured, the keyboard and mice are automatically detected when you start up your machine.

The only problem I have with this is that after a period of inactivity, the keyboard has to "wake up". This results in cases where I type several words and they don't show up on the screen until a delay of about 3 seconds, when they suddenly all appear at once.

Although no OS other than windows is explicitly supported, I decided to try to get it to work on linux as well, since my machine is configured to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu. Getting bluetooth configured was pretty simple in Ubuntu, I just had to install bluez-utils. I ran hidd --search, which detected and paired with both the keyboard and mouse, however, the mouse's scroll wheel did not work. After poking around online, this seems to be a common problem. At someone else's suggestion, I used an older linksys bluetooth dongle that I had lieing around, and the scroll wheel worked fine for scrolling vertically but not horizontally.

This is kind of annoying, as when I boot into Linux, if I want to be able to use the scroll wheel, I have to change dongles.

Overall, this is a great product, especially if you only plan to use it with Windows. It will work in Ubuntu as long as you have another dongle which is supported. I have not tried with with OSX but I have heard it does not work very well. For the money though, it is wonderful.