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Rocket Fish Bluetooth Optical Mouse W Dongle

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After reading a review on Shared Reviews regarding a Bluetooth mouse (By Eggy) I decided that it was time I looked into one of these for myself. My wireless mouse is finicky and only "eats" Kodak batteries which I can't seem to find any longer - other batteries make it behave oddly. The tethered mouse I'd just purchased was bothering me, I'd not been on a tether for years and the constant light show was annoying - not to mention the cord kept getting in the way of the left mouse button.

So, yesterday while in the vicinity of Best Buy I decided to take a look at the offerings available. The RocketFish was recommended to me by one of the staff. This particular model includes the Bluetooth dongle which sells separately in the store for $39.99. The mouse is quite erogonimic with a sleek look to it and black and red accents that run down each side. The dongle is very compact and blinks with a blue light to indicate the bluetooth feature is operational. This particular model can be seen at Rocketfish.com - it is V 2.0 Bluetooth compatible and comes with numerous compatibility features all accessible via the taskbar icon.

It comes with a CD which holds all the necessary drivers for those who wish to connect to things such as PDA's, phones, printers, headphones, fax machines etc., providing they are Bluetooth functional of course. It operates with 2 double A batteries - something I'd have preferred be rechargable - but I've installed two Double A batteries that I purchased the other day that my other wireless mouse didn't like - and they seem to be working flawlessly in this mouse. Now as long as this mouse doesn't decide it prefers these batteries above all others as they were $8 for 4 - I should be fine.

I purchased the mouse with the dongle due to the fact that I don't really trust my laptop's ability to utilize its built-in Bluetooth - it has a lot of issues which are steadily increasing due to it's defective state as HP is fully aware. I also preferred to be able to connect to numerous Bluetooth devices and do so when I'm on the go or from any computer by simply storing the drivers for the dongle on a flash drive. One problem I ran across - after I discovered my laptop was going to play nicely for a change and read the CD that comes with the mouse, was that Windows Vista was worried that the drivers were not digitally signed and it didn't want to accept the fact that I didn't care. After I cancelled its messages a few times though installation proceeded without problem.

Another annoying Vista issue cropped up after installing the drivers from the CD. Vista insisted it had found new hardware and kept interrupting the mouse to announce its find. When I first installed the drivers for the bluetooth this message came up repeatedly. I decided to visit the manufacturer's site and download the most up-to-date drivers which I'd already installed from the CD so perhaps this had to do with my laptop and its dvd reader as well. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers from the newly downloaded file appears to have corrected the problem and the mouse is working perfectly now.

At the click of a button - I have access to a number of features including sending digital Business cards, connecting to my PDA, my cell phone, the Blackberry, any dial up network that is bluetooth compatible, an Audio gateway, PIM synchronization, locating and finding compatible Bluetooth headsets, mics and more. I purchased this particular unit because the dongle itself opens up a wide array of functions for me that otherwise I might not have access to with the laptop's bluetooth features alone. I like that I can syncronize a number of Bluetooth products with this dongle.

The Bluetooth icon sits quietly on my taskbar waiting for those times when I want to connect quickly - and the mouse itself works effortlessly and smoothly. At $54.99 it is officially the most expensive mouse I've purchased but the fact that I can control my laptop from anywhere in the room - with approx 33.8 feet (10 meters) of reception capability - not to mention the numerous connectivity capabilities to other Bluetooth devices - it's worth the money to me.

I'll be testing it with my Plantronics Bluetooth headset once I recharge it and will then check out the audio features that are available as well. Overall, this is a very nice mouse - the wireless optical feature is definitely what has me sold, the Bluetooth features solidify that. The opticals are 1000 dpi and auto-scroll which seems standard for many mice today is available by touching the scroll wheel - very little effort involved. The auto-scroll feature allows me to run through pages quickly - especially now that I have an Auto Pager plug-in.

If you are interested in a mouse/bluetooth dongle for your laptop or other computers - this seems to be a good choice - it doesn't tie you to one machine and literally works right out of the box. It's one downfall is of course the price - but in reality, the mouse can be purchased alone and it can be had for $19.99 or less if you have a system that is Bluetooth capable and you don't need something that will connect you to every Bluetooth device going.

The mouse is a little larger than I've been using with the laptop but it has a nice weight to it and glides effortlessly on just about any surface - although I've not tried it on granite or glass yet - I suspect that it would work without issues as my laptop table is quite smooth. Now, I just have to pick up my "dream" laptop which I saw yesterday and I'll be all set!