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Rocky 6 Faith N A Solid Six Pack At 60

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By superninja27 on
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Rocky 6

Rocky is older now he like 60 and my word he can still do chin ups come one I’m in my 20’s and I’m reasonably fit but I struggle to do even 8 lol, anyway the story so far is that Rocky older and wiser, his love Adrian past away and he got a son who ashamed of him in a way or should I say he a bit embarrass of his dad, shame on him I say I wanted to give him a mouthful like but Rocky does a good job during the movie it’s one of the best scenes ever. Rocky quite simple states exactly what we all need to hear at times, plus it’s a very strong scenes for Christians I believe….well the whole movie again very much related to my faith and life again.

It touches on identity, self worth and finding your place in this life, after all if you think about our culture today its very much targeted to the youths or young adults, but what about the older lot the 60 year olds + are we to brush them aside as they have no worth anymore, as Rocky states the last thing the age is the heart….and I love this!

What I got from this movie is sometimes when we loose something very close to us we can loose or forget our identity, however knowing who you are is key to living this life well, knowing who you are is a different topic, I will talk about it in a blog I’m setting up.

Anyway the movie also touches on letting go of the past and moving on, after all in this life it really is about moving on, that’s how winning is done, we will all take a few heavy punches that can knock us down to our knees in this life but its getting back up on our feet, and continuing to push forward that determines Character.

Get the movie its one of the best inspirational films ever it will relate to young and old, plus the last fight scenes really good too, very gritty and full of tension. There also good extra features on the DVD's on how the film was made, and very insightful commentry my mr stallon himself, my word for a 60 year old what a 6 pack!