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Rocky Rocky Review

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This is a classic movie from 1976. It is definitely one of the best movie ever made. This is the first movie out of the six.

It is about a boxer, named Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone, from Philadelphia who fights in small fights kind of like underground. One day he gets a chance to fight the world champion and he takes his chance.

The world champion is Apollo Creed by Carl Weathers and he does not take this fight very seriously and he does not train like normally he would.

Rocky starts his training and the traning is definitely one of the greatest parts of the movie, other than the fight.

While he is training he starts to date his best friends sister, Adrian played by Talia Shire. This makes his best friend, Paulie played by Burt Young, very jealous because all he has is her and he is jealous of all the attention Rocky is getting.

Rocky trains very hard with his trainer Mickey played by Burgess Meredith. At the very begining Mickey did not want anything to do with Rocky, but after Rocky said yes to fight the world champion than Mickey came back to Rocky to help him out, Rocky did not want him back since he would not train him before this but than he feels bad and says yes.

When the fight starts Apollo is very shocked of Rocky, because he thought he could take him in one or two rounds. Rocky can take a punch and he takes a beating from Apollo but at the same time Rocky gets Apollo also, so it is a very close fight.

I will not say what happens in the end because I highly recommend this movie to everyone.