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Rogers Family Cell Plan

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lexxia By lexxia on
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We've been a Rogers Communications customer for many years now and we have just about every service the Company offers...no, actually, we have every service as we just upgraded our Internet to the extreme speed package. As cell customers, overall we're very pleased. Rogers Cellular service is superior to a number of other cell service providers in the area in more than a few ways including the flexibility and ease we have in upgrading and changing our Family Cell phone plan options.

Over the past several years we've regularly had the option to upgrade our cell phones and most of those upgrades have cost us $0. We've received at least 4 cell phones without incurring any cost for the purchase of the phone and usually we end up being offered new or improved services along with them. The Family plan we have offers us 350 anytime minutes, unlimited evening and weekends, unlimited after 6:00 pm to 6:00 am minutes, 150 text messages (the phones on the family plan aren't used by our hard core texters, they are on separate 2500 text message plans), no charge Rogers to Rogers or Rogers to Fido customer calling which means that we can call from our cell phones to our home phones or to any other Rogers Wireless, Rogers home or Rogers Fido customer anywhere across Canada for no extra charge...not even long distance. How cool is that? All cells are equipped with Caller ID, voice mail, texting and video/sms service. As the phones included on the family plan are not really heavily used, this plan is perfect for our needs.

The billing is very straight forward and well documented so that we always know exactly what our charges are and why. Even those calls that are no charge are documented and include the number called as well as the number that called for all incoming calls. We can receive incoming calls without any charge so people are free to call us whenever on our cell phones and we don't have to worry about exorbitant fees like some of the other cell companies are trying to implement here. Further, because we have everything Rogers offers we have a VIP discount which is fairly substantial and which helps keep our cell costs down.

Of all the cell plans out there right now and in comparing our services, costs and features with those of friends and other family, Rogers seems to have one of the best available in my personal opinion. Our monthly bill for our family plan includes all services, features and upgrades for the 3 phones on it at a very reasonable cost of just a little over $100 a month taxes included. Our initial contract was for a 3 year term but we've been with them for so long now that we've had that term expire several times. We do notice though that when we are getting close to expiry we get offered a new phone, but we recently got a new phone which didn't affect the contract at all.

For a short while we were getting bills that were in the $150 range but that was when my oldest son was using his cell phone for roaming in the States. With the cells we have access to our service anywhere in North America and although I'm not certain on this point, we may now have roam service in Europe as well but I do know that there is GSM service for the iphones that just came out. Our roaming charges have always been quite reasonable whenever we've had to use them.

So far we are quite happy with the service and after each upgrade, or change in the plan or even any inquiries we make, we will receive a call from Rogers a few days later asking us if they completed our request to our complete satisfaction. Customer service lines can sometimes be annoying though with the many steps you have to take to talk to a live person and some of the customer service reps aren't easy to understand, but overall for the times we've had to call, which hasn't been often, it hasn't been too overly painful in that category.

I don't see us changing cell phone plan providers for some time if ever. We are completely happy with all aspects of the service especially the fact that so far, our phones get reception almost every where we go and we haven't experienced any issues with dead zones or dropped calls. We'll be testing them out this coming week to see if we still have service at the cottage, won't surprise me if we do.