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Rogers Home Phone Long Distance

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When my oldest daughter was living in California she'd often call home 'just to talk' and even though her cell had unlimited long distance calling, I always told her to hang up and I'd call her right back.

We would then talk for an hour or more at times and the only thing we had to worry about was whether or not the battery on her phone would die before we were finished.

For $19.99 a month we can call anywhere within North America and talk for as long as we want to. This has come in very handy as my children love to travel and whenever they leave home I always know that no matter where they are they can call quickly to let us know where to reach them and we can then call them back and no one has to worry about expensive long distance bills.

Even during the busiest times of the year (Christmas, Easter etc) we've been able to get through to my mother or my husband's family without any problem. We simply dial as we normally would, no extra digits necessary and we are quickly connected to anyone we want to 'reach out and touch'. It makes a big difference in just how often we can call relatives and sometimes perhaps they hear from us more often than they really have time for but for $19.99 it would be a shame not to phone someone somewhere at least a few times a month.

The Rogers Unlimited Long distance plan was easy to set up and because we have all of our phone/cable and internet services through Rogers, we receive a VIP discount which makes this deal even less every month.

Update On Jul 30, 2008: July 30, 2008: While doing our cell phone plan review I realized that I'd neglected to mention that if we are calling someone who is a Rogers Home, Rogers Wireless or a Rogers Fido customer anywhere across Canada, we are not charged any long distance fees at all. Our Long distance plan is mainly to ensure that at those times when we must call the States or those relatives, like my mom, who aren't on the Rogers network, our phone bills won't be huge. One phone call to my mother or States side friends can very quickly eat up the amount we pay for this service and then some, so it's well worth it!