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Way back the beginning of 2007 Rogers came for a visit to inform us that they were going to install a Voip system, ridding us of the land line that we'd had with them for awhile. I had mixed feelings about this due to the fact that someone I knew had a Voip system and to be honest it was terrible. Of course they were with a different company and to-date we'd always had excellent service from all of the Rogers products that we had so we were hopeful that the Voip system would prove to be just as good.

A modem was installed in our home which now housed both the Xtreme internet connection and the Voip connection. The Voip remained inactive for a few months while Rogers tweaked the system and then one day our phone was switched and we received a call from a Rogers tech asking if "we could hear him now!" He informed us that we were now Rogers Voip customers and any problems to contact them immediately.

Since having the Voip installed we've only had a few issues and they seemed to have been during the same period of time that our Hydro smart meter began having problems. We aren't certain what, if any connection there was, but our phone was hanging up and holding the line not allowing anyone to dial out or to reach us. There was also a lot of intermittent static but it would disappear as quickly as it appeared. This was a sporadic issue which seemed to only last for the period of time that we had the old Hydro meter in. Since the old meter was removed we've not had any further issues.

Other than that issue, our service has been exceptional and you'd never know we were on a Voip system at all. The calls are clear without any problems being detected and overall, we are quite pleased with the system.

Our children are all pretty great kids and our oldest son decided that he wanted to contribute to the family in a way that was beneficial for everyone - so every month he picks up the tab for all the Rogers services - including the Voip service so I can't even fathom a guess as to what this service costs monthly as the entire Rogers service bundle is lumped into one payment and our son keeps the dollar amount pretty quiet. I do know however that the entire package (3 cells, cable, PDR, internet and of course Voip is in the neighborhood of $300.

For a phone service I didn't think I wanted - it's one that I don't mind having at all as it works pretty well and I'd recommend it to anyone considering Voip service.