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Rogue Galaxy

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By shawn on
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From the creative minds at Level-5 Rogue Galaxy proved to be one of the last great games to be released for the PlayStation 2. Featuring a unique graphic scheme along with a fast paced battle system to go along with many other unique quirks, Rogue Galaxy turned out to be one of the better RPGs to be released on a system laden with great games in the genre.

Originally, many players believed that the battle system did not involve random encounters; however that proved to be false. You will run down empty corridors and suddenly be thrust into battle. However, the system moves quickly and in many cases you can simply run around the enemies if you do not wish to take part in the battle. The dungeons are long compared to most other RPGs, but with every save point you can teleport back out into town and go right back to where you left off.

The story isn’t as engaging as it could have been, but Rogue Galaxy is nonetheless an enjoyable title that will keep RPG fans occupied for over 40 hours.